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Brain Health

Many of us are all too familiar with brain fog. It feels as though your brain is in the midst of a thick fog. You can’t think clearly, you aren’t processing information as you should, and you may not be able to come up with an appropriate response to a question. Brain fog is extremely common. It affects thousands of people, including children as well as adults. It contributes to school and work problems, low self-esteem, accidents, unhappy relationships and even an inability to function well in society.

What are the causes of brain fog?

  • Hormones:Brain fog can be caused by many factors. Menopausal women may rightfully blame it on an imbalance of hormones. Too much, or not enough, estrogen can impact your brain.
  • Toxic Chemicals: Exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to brain fog. Copper is associated with disorientation, racing thoughts, mood swings and confusion. Aluminum, lead, cadmium and mercury can lead to brain fog if you are overly exposed. Mercury toxicity comes from eating certain fish, such as tuna, and can also occur as a result of dental amalgams. Aluminum is found in cosmetics, antacids, table salt, antiperspirants and sometimes in water.
  • Calcium Levels: Calcium levels that are too high can result in brain fog and even in a sense of losing touch with reality, including mental fatigue, depression, a sense of heaviness and diminished awareness. This pattern of behavior is called calcium shell.
  • Fatigue: Brain fog can also be provoked by lack of sleep and by stress.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies: Your brain is cranking through nutrients at a furious pace. Vitamins C and E have been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The B vitamins can help improve memory. Zinc, Co-Q10, and essential fatty acids also help maintain healthy brain function.
  • Chemo Brain: When people undergo chemotherapy, some experience what is called chemo brain. It is also referred to as chemo fog or cognitive dysfunction. The symptoms include difficulty concentrating or finding the right word to use, fatigue, mental fogginess and difficulty with visual and verbal memory.

If you are having problems with brain fog, there are a number of factors that could be contributing to your condition. Brain fog may improve in a few weeks on a nutritional balancing program. In other cases, the causes can be more complex and may require deeply remove toxins from the brain, liver and kidneys. It is difficult to know in advance how much healing will be needed in each particular instance. We use quality chiropractic, detoxification and clinical nutrition as a complete healing program.

If you are ready to clear your mind and improve your brain function, call for a consultation and we can create a program to address your individual needs.