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Testimonials on Chiropractic Adjustments

“A good friend recommended Dr. Arrondo to me. I was experiencing brain fog, low energy, sleeplessness, and aches and pains. I had been taking many supplements over the years that I either heard good things about or that were recommended by friends. On my first visit with Dr. Arrondo I learned so much about how taking the correct supplements for your body is very important.

On a second visit, he tested my major organs and overall energy level. My energy was low and he pointed out that it was due to stomach and digestive issues. He recommended major changes in my diet and a program of supplementation to cleanse my gut. This program has been FABULOUS!

My ‘love handles’ shrunk substantially within two weeks and now, after two months, I can digest foods that previously gave me gas and sometimes caused leg cramps while sleeping. My overall energy level is better and I’m feeling more alert as well.

I highly recommend Dr. Luis Arrondo!”


“I was having trouble sleeping, digesting food, as well as back problems due to a major spine injury I suffered 13 years ago. I visited Dr Arrondo.

He adjusted my back which instantly felt better and pain free. He also explained to me how our bodies need the nutrients we sometimes lack and proceeded to test my body and organs. He quickly pointed out to me that I was having digestion problems as well as sleeping problems. I was amazed that he knew exactly what was going on without me telling him in advance after testing me. He recommended supplements for these issues which he provides in his office. These supplements worked great and a few days later I was able to fall asleep earlier than usual and my digestion has improved greatly.

Natural healing is the best and Dr. Arrondo provides that and beyond without having to give medical drugs, but natural supplements. Now I feel great!!! Thanks to Dr. Arrondo.

I highly recomend everyone who has any kind of pain to visit him.”