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Hormone Balancing

Chemically influencing a hormone when it’s possible to restore normal hormone signaling naturally doesn’t make long-term sense and causes significant body issues. It’s easier to restore normal hormone production than to manage hormone balance from the outside in. Our program is not about hormone replacement but rather restoring your body’s natural, balanced hormone function.

How can my hormones be the problem when my blood tests say my hormone levels are normal? Blood tests show imbalances when they become severe

What negatively affects hormone function?

  • Chemicals
  • Xenoestrogens: environmental and pharmaceutical (including personal care or food-based products such as soy & hormone-enhanced meat and dairy)
  • Poor detoxification
  • Stress
  • Nutritional status, especially sugar

Hormones matter individually, but equally important is their relationship with each other. Excess of one hormone can suppress another. Examples:

  • Over-production of adrenal stress hormones can suppress growth hormones
  • Under prolonged stress, the body will make cortisol even if it means depleting the sex hormones
  • Insulin resistance in women up-regulates testosterone production (in men it up-regulates estrogen production)
  • Thyroid hormone activation occurs in the liver. You can produce normal amounts of thyroid hormone but be unable to activate them due to liver issues.
  • Leptin is a recently discovered hormone that controls appetite. It also influences the body’s weight set point. Alcohol and stress hormones suppress leptin. Lack of sleep can also suppress leptin in adults and children.

Our goal is to give you a body that is healthy enough to balance hormone function and adapt to stress on the body systems. Let us help you to assist your body in rebalancing your body’s hormones in a natural way. Call for your personal consultation today.