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Testimonials on Nutritional Programs

“A good friend recommended Dr. Arrondo to me. I was experiencing brain fog, low energy, sleeplessness, and aches and pains. I had been taking many supplements over the years that I either heard good things about or that were recommended by friends. On my first visit with Dr. Arrondo I learned so much about how taking the correct supplements for your body is very important.

I was taking all the wrong supplements and wasting my precious dollars. Dr. Arrondo put me on a fantastic supplement program and I could feel a difference within a few days and was much improved with a few weeks. He took the time to listen to what my symptoms were and performed some thorough testing to be sure he was putting me on the program. Dr. Arrondo is also fantastic as Chiropractic adjustments and I had instant relief from neck, shoulder and lower back pains. With the held of Dr. Arrondo, I feel that I am now on my way to radiant health.”


“Dr. Arrondo recommended some “whole food” supplements to me. One of them in particular, the enzymes. I have always had a little stomach (even as a young girl) and the enzymes have really flattened out my stomach and I feel great. I highly recommend giving these supplements a try! I have been taking them for about 5 months now and have no plans to stop.”


“I went to see Dr. Arrondo thanks to a friend’s complementary visit. I was very skeptical and only went because I felt uncomfortable telling my friend “No, thanks.” And WOW! I am glad I did.


I was suffering with extreme exhaustion, lack of energy and motivation. Before our meeting I was wondering how much damage all the petroleum they used in my head to kill the lice as a child affected my body and then at the office visit he told me I was severely intoxicated with petroleum and alcohol. How did he know that!!!!!!!!! I started to take the supplements and within 3-4 days I started to sleep almost for 10 hours a day. My body started feeling vibrant and full of energy and in about 4 weeks I was feeling great.”